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This site is dedicated to information and resources for the Renault Caravelle and Floride.
Since this car is so hard to find, those of us who own the car or might be looking for one will enjoy knowing that there are others like you out there.
I've tried to include all the reliable links I have come across, as well as offer all the technical information and places for parts and service I can find.
Thanks for visiting my site and I hope it gives you resources to help you learn more about this car, or to keep your car going!
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How much is a Caravelle worth?

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Video on the History of the Renault Floride/ Caravelle

This car has seen better days...

Was just driving around Las Vegas and came across this poor little FLORIDE in a junk yard! Just thought I would share this with your members...
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Beautiful 1967 Restoration
See the details of this beautiful restoration of a 1967 Caravelle by Alexandre Morganthaler
Graham Quinlivan writes:
In Puerto de Mazarron, Murcia, Spain, with my 18 year old Mazda MX5 ( a retirement 'road trip' through France and Spain) and came across a white 1960 Renault Caravelle/Floride parked at our favourite bar. Only 31 years between them - and I thought my Mazda was old! You might enjoy the moment!


Chilton's 1957-1968 repair manual in PDF format!

The 1960 Caravelle Owner's Manual.
History of the Caravelle & Floride. (texte en Français) Year-by-year changes to the car in one chart with pictures

Great Information!

There are four great articles as well as a quick overview of the car on our Technical Information page. H. DeWayne Ashmead, Ph.D has contributed two excellent articles on the Caravelle's history.

Car of the Month

Guillem Bou from Barcelona, Spain sent in this picture of his 1964 Caravelle. Looks like he is having a great time!
Silvano Marusic from Croatia, sent a couple pictures photo of his 1968 Caravelle in quite a beautiful locatio
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Xavier Montserrat, from Catalonia, Spain sent this photo of his 1963 Caravelle 1100, with his beautiful wife alongside. Click on image to see an enlargement
Jeffrey Bernard writes:
GENTLEMEN, WE OWNED TWO 1965 CARAVELLES, They were really great cars. My wife drove one and I the other, she had the squared hard top and convertible. Mine was bought strictly as a soft top but I found a perfect older (better looking) top for mine.

On mine I put 486,000 miles and hers we put more then 500,000 miles and sold both for half what we paid for them 22 years later. I replaced 25 sets of brakes, 10 water pumps, and Michelin X tires lasted almost 90,000 miles. The only thing I could not fix was the odometers.

For us The rust prevented us from keeping them any longer as we finally settled in Florida. I loved the engine and the car was always beautiful.

My R8 had the most comfortable seats. We currently drive Saabs
Philippe Docquier writes:
This is my Caravelle 1100S from 1967. I bought it beginning of 2007 and I love her a lot. This is really a nice and goodlooking car. I live in Brussels during the week and near Oostende (North Sea), where my Caravelle is, on the weekend. This is in Belgium.
Bernard Montpellier writes:
I have the pleasure of showing you a photo from the last outing of Caravelle/Floride enthusiasts in the North of France where we assembled 23 cars. Photos were taken on the place (square) of ARRAS prefecture of the department of PAS DE CALAIS in the region of the NORTH of FRANCE.
More information on our group is at

Needs all the help he can get!

From Dragec: Hello! I sending you a pictures of my Caravelle, and I hope anyone can help me with parts or information about. I live in Croatia and here this car is very hard to find, so are parts for it.

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